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Anarchy For The USA

Many conservatives and liberals alike hold the view that government is a necessary evil. Anarchists believe that government is an unnecessary evil and I agree with them. As Tolstoy once said, “government is an association of men who do violence to the rest of us.” Thomas Paine put it even better when he said that  “the trade of governing has always been monopolized by the most ignorant and most rascally individuals of mankind.”

Well, the last 7 years have witnessed some of the most ignorant and rascally individuals in the history of The United States government. The Bush Administration ran amok and none of our elected officials would even entertain the notion of impeachment except for Denis Kucinich, the man they try to label as some kind of star-gazing U.F.O. loving weirdo. But he has initiated impeachment proceedings, and you can sign the petition to make it happen here:


Nixon was impeached on far less serious charges than El Busho is guilty of. Lying about the case for war in Iraq being the main charge. Why should this asshole be allowed to get away with it just because his term is nearly up? I think he should face another term- in prison, with Cheney and the rest of the gang, where they belong.

I’ve put together a little video using the words of the great anarchist thinker Pierre Joseph Proudhon, to illustrate my disgust with government in general, but especially our very own. Well, by ours, I don’t mean mine, I mean whomever of you still believes in this shit.

Sorry there’s no humor today, but  even Bozo The Clown had his off days.


One Response to “Anarchy For The USA”

  1. It’s disturbing to me that Nixon and Clinton were impeached for far less egregious abuses of power than our current president. I’m not sure if government is the problem, or ours specifically, or something totally different.

    Anyhow, cheer up, Charlie.

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