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Political Comix


I think these comic books say it all, don’t you? It’s the perfect summary of politics in America. I see a whole line of political comics sprouting up after this…Imagine some of the titles: The Astounding Bureaucrat – He Actually Does What He Says He’s Going To Do ! Every issue would feature him following up on a different campaign promise, and finish with scenes of balloons and streamers swirling amidst the wild crowds, applauding and cheering the man who gets things done.


Or how about The Astounding Bureaucrat’s polar opposite… Politici-Man… the superhero who simply talks all those nasty villains into submission: “No more empty promises, please, I’ll do anything you say, just take me away from his infernal blathering!!!”


Or how about The Immortal Reagor, an everlasting Ronald Reagan who temporarily disables the enemies of democracy by projecting a wave of forgetfulness over them, before pummeling them into pinko-commie pulp with his mutant Republican monster arms. Reagor is assisted in his crime-fighting capers by his faithful sidekick The Rememberer, who constantly reminds Reagor about all the naughty people he has to pulverize.


But my favorite idea is a special edition of Marvel Team-Up featuring Senator John McCain as McThing and Senator Barak Obama as ObaMan


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