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The Demons of D. C. Part 3

Alright friends, we covered Cheney yesterday, so today it’s time to move on to the nation’s Chief Executive Orifice, George W. Bush, whom we shall be referring to as Dubya from here on in. To begin with, let us travel back in time to the Republican National Convention of 2004. Do you recall the rock-star reception Dubya received during that farcical spectacle? He was like their Ozzy Osbourne or something! They even went so far as to have the podium rise out of the floor like the drum set at a fuckin’ Motley Crue concert. When I saw that I said to myself, “What the fuck is this shit? Am I watching The Republican National Convention or Spinal Tap? Hey Dubya, you’re no fucking Robert Plant, you goofy whore’s melt! And remember this, no amount of money is ever gonna buy your polluted soul a Stairway to Heaven, ok asshole?”


Do you remember the look of utter malevolent glee on his moronic face as he walked out onto the stage? He looked like a little retarded, psychotic, demon-ape as he soaked up the crowd’s adulation like a psychic vampire.


Now, it’s not widely known, but in some occult circles throughout the world it’s considered an open secret that George Herbert Walker and Barbara Bush are just a front, and that Dubya is actually the bastard son of Henry Lee Lucas and Alfred E. Neuman…conceived during some sub-idiot sex orgy conducted by Charles Manson and Jethro Beaudine! Yes indeed, Dubya is a retarded demon-chimp, and Dick Cheney is his infernal keeper. Think of them as Curious George and the Man in the yellow hat goes to Hell. I became convinced of this FACT after watching Dubya offer his thanks to Cheney in his acceptance speech at the aforementioned 2004 R.N.C. Do you remember Dick’s reaction? He sat there in the crowd, all hunched over and snarling, like Lucifer seated upon his throne. I was fully expecting Dubya to whip out a new-born infant and sacrifice it to Cheney right there on the podium! That might have ruffled some Born-Again Christian feathers, eh?


“Jesus, God-in-Heaven, Mary-Lou! Dubya’s gonna sacrifice a young ‘un to Lon Chaney!”


And with that, scores of giant locusts with scorpion tails and human heads would have descended upon Madison Square Garden, as a set of giant, reptilian wings sprouted out of Cheney’s shoulders! And that’s when Arnold Schwarzenegger would have realized that David Icke was right…The Bush Administration really are snake-men from the Orion Belt, sent here to destroy the planet! As Arnie telepathically summoned Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis to assist him in ridding the world of Republican Party Reptiles! Imagine if our saviors turned out to be The Terminator and Ghostbusters? There sure would be a hell of a lot of disappointed Christians:


“Well, Mavis, the good Lord Jesus didn’t come back, but he done sent us Arnie, Bill, Dan and Harold! Looks like somebody needs to write a new Bible for our 21st century Celebrity Christs!”


Anyway, sorry about that little flight of fancy. Let’s get back to Dubya and the R.N.C. of ’04, shall we kids? When that nefarious numb-skull arrived at the podium to that rock-star reception, everyone in the crowd were waving signs that read ” W Is the President”. What the fuck? It was like watching thousands of possessed children- Romper Room goes to Hell: “W Is The President”…I think that’s what old Dubya sings to himself as he skips up and down the cabin of Air Force One with a hobby horse between his legs:


“Dubya is the President, Dubya is The President!”


As he prances around the aisles in a pair of fringed chaps and a ten-gallon hat while shooting a cap gun.

It’s a pity he didn’t come out onto the stage at Madison Square Garden in that little get-up. The redneck contingent would have been whooping it up and firing their six-shooters into the air while the yuppies and businessmen ducked for cover. But let’s get serious for a moment: these are the people that make up the vast majority of the Republican Party- rednecks and rich-fucks.the rednecks provide the numbers while the rich fucks count the money. And that, my fine friends is why we have a satanic Duke boy for president. He panders to the rich, while hamming up his Hee-Haw image for the rednecks. Well, that and the fact that they rigged the last 2 elections. Doh! Let’s try not to let that shit happen again, ok? Because I find it downright embarrassing when Condoleeza Rice scolds Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe about “sham elections”, don’t you? It’s like,” Ummm, pot….meet kettle…kettle…meet pot.”


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